Engraving and Reaction System – E.A.R.S

This system is an enhanced gameplay item for both Crafters and Combatants that is intended to be implemented for launch.

Our Crafters will have greater control of what they can engrave into items, especially armor and weapons. These engravings are more than mere aesthetics, however: they will also be used for enhancements such as elemental and physical resists to attacks in Camelot Unchained.

For our combatants this system will really “light up,” so that when an item is struck by an attack that the item’s protection has been enhanced against, the runes on the item will visibly activate. This will allow anyone who is looking at the target to see the type of resist(s) that the target has had engraved on his item(s).

Since one of our stated goals is to limit the amount of information that is displayed via traditional and highly tropish “con” systems, this is a necessary addition to our game. This is far from the only visual clue our players will see in the game, nor is this the only system we have planned to enhance the immersive atmosphere of combat in Camelot Unchained—but it is an important one!