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This is the winning fan-fiction story from the contest on our forums written by Ortu.

The two runners-up were JaironKalach’s limerick and Tarsir’s story.

Ortu slowly poked his head up over the hilltop and surveyed the brute below. He and Callin had been following the crashes and thuds that marked the Jotun’s path through the woods for the past hour now, but this was the first that the trees had cleared enough to get a good look at the beast. Of course he had heard many tales of these fearsome frost giants, luchorpan mothers were often known to scare their children into behaving with tales of Jotun cookpots, and his was no exception.

Even from this distance, the giant’s size was impressive, easily towering over Callin who already more than towered over Ortu himself. He glanced over as the Silverhand inched up beside him to get a look at their quarry.

“Well, we found it, now what?” Callin asked.

“Kill it of course.” Ortu grinned back.

“What the two of us? That thing is HUGE!”

Ortu slid back down off the hilltop and out of sight. He wasn’t much worried about losing the giant now that they had him this close. He pulled out his flagon of whisky and thought a moment as he drank. Why was it here? Why was it alone? They were deep in Tuatha territory far from where this Jotun must call home. Ortu checked his blades, knowing that they would all be ready, but taking comfort in the familiar feel of the worn hilts beneath his fingers.

Callin had come down to squat beside him and Ortu could read the question on his face. Not much of a thinker this Silverhand, but he could hold his own in a scrap well enough.

“You really want to attack it?” Callin pressed. “I don’t have a shield you bugger, we are not exactly going to be able to stand up to it and take any hits.”

Ortu put away his whisky. “Just distract it for me.”


“Oh I’m sure you’ll think of something.” The luchorpan grinned.

Callin rolled his eyes and replied “Well, we could always let you tank this one, it is your turn I think.”

Ortu eyed the taller man with a smirk, “Alrighty then!” Without waiting further, Ortu pulled a blade in each hand and ran up over the hill. He gave a little leap as he reached the crest and landed partway down the other side before Callin could recover from his surprise. He hadn’t thought the little fellow would actually do it.

The downslope was looser than Ortu had expected and despite his nimble feet, the ground slid out from under him as he landed. The world tilted and he quickly tucked himself into a roll, trying to hold his blades out to avoid cutting himself. He was a little dizzy as he came to a stop at the bottom and his eyes went wide as he saw a jagged spear of ice flying his way.

“Meep!” he exclaimed as he quickly vanished from the spot just as the spear buried itself where he had been laying. He found himself a short distance away and sighed softly in regret. The giant had spotted them much sooner than he had hoped when he had begun his little charge.

He saw the Silverhand up at the top of the hill, with the Jotun hesitating between them, apparently trying to decide which one to go after, another glistening ice-spear ready in its fist. Ortu flung a blade at the giant’s head to get its attention and quickly pulled another. The Jotun turned towards him with a bellow as it batted the blade away with its meaty hand. Ortu ran towards it, diving between the giant’s legs as he lashed out to either side with his blades. The Jotun’s hide boots were so thick that Ortu barely scratched the leather, doing nothing to the giant himself. The thing was lumbering and slow though, and he was able to easily dance back out of range before the giant could counter.

By now Callin had closed the distance, a heavy mace clenched in his gleaming fist. He landed a blow to the side of the Jotun’s knee, striking hard and Ortu could hear the bone creak even from a distance. Predictably, the giant swung ‘round to grab at the Silverhand and Ortu wasted no time in darting back in again.

As the giant swung his icy spear down in a fearsome arc, Callin lifted his arm to take the blow against his crafted limb. Even braced and ready, he was buckled under the force of the blow, his silvered flesh twisting with an inhuman screech and he himself crying out in agony.

Ortu grabbed the giant’s boot and bared his teeth in a wild grin. The Jotun was dead and didn’t even know it. Callin would be alright. Probably. He flexed his long fingers and nimble toes and clambered up the giant’s rough clothing. The leather was stiff and the cloth, coarse. It reminded him of the trees climbed and conquered in his youth. He was halfway up the Jotun’s back, ducking and swinging to escape the cold fist grasping blindly to pick him off.

Callin had rolled himself back and could only stare, his mouth slightly open as the little Luchorpan made his way up past the thing’s shoulders and deftly buried a blade deep into one of the giant’s eyes. Ortu desperately jabbed his other blade into the Jotun’s shoulder and clung tight as the giant began to thrash about, cluching at his face and falling to his knees. Callin wearily pushed himself up and shifted his mace into his remaining good hand. It was all he could do not to stagger as he neared the giant, but he summoned what strength he had left into one last blow to the beasts head.

The crunch of his mace against its skull was sickening and brought the Jotun to the dirt. The giant lay stunned, twitching slightly and Callin let the mace fall from his fingers. Ortu snatched the weapon up and began pounding on the creature until it lay still.

“Well, that went well.” Ortu quipped, breathing heavily from his efforts.

Callin could only shake his head. “You know you owe me for these repairs.” He growled, gesturing at his mangled hand.

“Aye.” The Luchorpan grinned.

“Callin?” he asked.


“I want his eye!” Ortu cried.

“What…?! No, just… why?!” The Silverhand was flabbergasted.

“I want a trophy of my mighty battle! Have you seen the size of that thing?” Ortu grinned.

“But why his eye?” Callin asked.

Ortu shrugged, “Why not? You can have his ear if you want.”

“No thanks… oh just be quick about it.”

“Callin?” Ortu asked.


“Can I have a piggy back ride?”

“NO!” The Silverhand yelled as the little Luchorpan giggled and scampered off.

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