The curtain has been pulled back…

Well, the long-awaited day is here for all of us. The Veil has been lifted, the third and final teaser is LIVE and the first interviews are going/have gone up. It is going to be a very interesting day for myself, CSE, and, hopefully, a whole lot of gamers. Over the next few weeks, we will continue prepping our first Kickstarter campaign. As part of those preparations, we will be using our current website as a “jumping off point” for the campaign. We will be posting lots of developer blogs from me and other members of CSE, and interested parties can signup for our newsletter and mailing list. We hope to use to the newsletter to both gauge initial support for our campaign as well as to begin building the Community. We will also be holding contests, prizes, etc. through the newsletter so if you are truly interested in our game, go right ahead and sign up! (But please don’t sign up multiple times. It won’t help!)

With your help, backing and support we can bring this MMORPG to life. Over the next few weeks I’ll be spending a lot of time explaining my vision for the game and why we think we can pull this off when so many other teams have failed. Speaking for everyone at CSE, I thank you for your interest and I hope that over the next few weeks we can count you among our initial Kickstarter backers.

In a few hours, I will post the first of many “Foundational Principles” developer blogs that will detail my vision for this game. It is entitled; “Be careful what you wish for!”