Forum FAQ
This post will cover a couple helpful hints and topics related to usability on these forums, such as how to change your profile picture and adjust notification settings. This discussion will grow and change as new topics and issues come up that could prove useful for everyone. If you have any recommendations or additions you think belong here, you can send them to a CSE staff member or post it in the support forum.

1. How do I log into the forums?
Your forum login is controlled under our City State account system, which will ultimately be tied to your Camelot Unchained account. First, log in to our server, then from there log in to the forums.
1) Go to
2) If necessary, click “Log In”, and log in using the email address you used for Kickstarter or Paypal
3) Your account should show your level of forum access. Click “visit the forums” to go to the forums.
4) Once you’re there, click “Sign in with City State Entertainment” to continue, using your Camelot Unchained login for access.

2. I never got an email about my account!
All Kickstarter backers should have received an email by now with information on activating their accounts. Most PayPal backers are already activated as well, and we’re processing new ones in batches as they come in. It’s possible your email may have gotten lost in transit or marked as spam. If you haven’t heard from us, try going to to create a new password for your account. Enter the exact email address you used for Kickstarter or PayPal, and we’ll send a new activation link to that address. Please make sure is allowed through any mail filters you have.

If, instead of an email, you get a response like “The email you entered was not found in the system” then we don’t (yet) have a record of you. If you backed through Kickstarter, please email and we’ll make it right. If you backed through PayPal, please give us just a wee bit of time. Everyone should be in soon.

3. When I try to log into the forums I get stuck in a loop and redirected back to the City State site.
The forum website uses a small pop-up window to confirm a login cookie with us. Your browser must have cookies and popups allowed for both and We appreciate your support, and we do not have ads or third-party tracking on a site that’s entirely for our paying backers!

4. I’m still not able to log into the forums. I’m using IE10.
We’ve had some sporadic reports of problems with IE10, and we’re still looking into this. Some users have reported success if they close IE, log in once with another browser such as Chrome or Firefox, and then re-open IE10 and use that from then on. Other users have reported success by clearing their IE browser cache. If you’ve got a consistent problem please email us at We’d love to resolve this once and for all!

5. How do I change my username?
Your screen name is controlled by your City State account, not the forum software. To change it, edit your account on City State’s account page, not within the forum software.
1) Go to
2) If necessary, log in using your email and password
3) Click Edit Account Details
4) Enter Your Desired Screen Name
5) Click Save

6. How do I change my profile picture?
Once you’re logged into the forum website, on the left hand side you will see your username. Click on it. This will take you to your profile page. If you hover over your current profile picture it will show a banner to change your profile picture. When you click this a upload window will pop up. Select the image you want and it should change your profile image.

7. How do I change my notification settings?
Much like above, select your username from the left hand side of the screen, and this will take you to your profile. On the right hand side of your profile, you will see an ‘Edit Profile’ button that will take you to a page where you can customize some profile settings, one of the categories for modification is notification settings.

8. What are badges/points?
Badges are earned through various activities on the forums, from something as simple as changing your profile picture to things like getting 250 likes. Reputation Points are awarded for unlocking badges and for getting reactions from users.

9. What are points used for?
Reputation Points are used to give you a forum rank, these ranks are represented by the number of stars next to a users name. There is also a points leaderboard for people with a competitive spirit who wish to be number one on the forums.

10. How do I make a question/poll?
You can make a Question or Poll topic by hitting the drop down that is next to the ‘New Discussion’ button on the left hand side of the forums under your username.
All polls must have a “See results” option added to the answer choice list.

11. What is a bookmark?
You can bookmark discussions if you wish to follow them, they will appear in the bookmarks menu next to your username on the left hand side of the forum. To bookmark a discussion hit the little star icon that appears next to the discussion in question, to undo a bookmark, simply hit the star again.

12. What are reactions?
Reactions are a type of feedback other users can give you on a post. Some reactions can provide you with reputation points, while others are just an expression of the users opinion of your post. To give someone a reaction, select one of the options that appears at the bottom of the post while your mouse is hovering over it.